"Change your conversation; change your future."

- Dara Koenig


When you change your conversation with yourself and others, you change your future. Through our coaching services, we give women the love, skills, and encouragement they need to confidently move forward into who they are created to be.

Learn for yourself.

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Why CYC.

We are here to equip and empower you to transform your life. We believe every woman is capable of greatness, and with the right support system and foundation in place, she can have a beautiful future and achieve economic stability. We believe that this vision is possible with the proper wisdom, tools, and guidance.

Poverty often affects women the most, and its effects on them and their families can be generational. Therefore, addressing women’s needs is key to improving the quality of life for that woman and her family, future generations, and her community. As a woman’s wisdom in the truth about her identity grows, so does her confidence in her future. It is time for the cycle of poverty to end.

We believe when a woman is confident, she will make better decisions for herself and her family as well. As a result, her children will see a better mother, a better woman, a better role model, and their lives will follow. Our goal is to improve families for generations to come.

When a woman changes her conversation first with herself and then with others, she changes her future.

"Coaching with CYC has been the missing piece to the puzzle I couldn’t put together on my own"

- CYC Client

Areas of Services

Career Coaching

Career coaching is about discovering what you need in a job to be truly happy and contribute meaningfully so you will find yourself moving successfully toward economic stability. Combining this with life coaching, you will grow exponentially.

Life Coaching

Life coaching equips and empowers you to transform your life. We invest in the woman. Our goal is to help you grow in any area of your life where you are stuck. The mission is simple change your conversation; change your future.

Resumes & More

A lot is riding on your resume, including job, career, and economic stability. Resumes are the foundation key to success. It must represent and sell you at the highest level possible to employers. We give that perspective to your resume.

Women We Serve

  • Are you a woman?

  • Are you unemployed or looking to advance your current career?

  • Are you ready to reach your maximum potential; personally, mentally, emotionally, physically and, spiritually?

Then we are ready to work with you.

If you are tired of being weighed down by life’s demands and your own insecurities; if something deep inside of you desires to be more and do more, than it’s time to take action. It’s time for a coach.

What Do Our Clients Say ...

- Anonymous CYC Client

I was at ground zero so to speak I felt like my future was at a standstill and forgotten how to dream. Working with a CYC coach made stop and realize it is never too late to take action. Everyone needs a coach. One reason I’m happy I worked with Changing Your Conversation is the accountability. I was reluctant to ‘do the work’ but working with a coach helped me stay responsible to what I needed to do help create a new conversation.

- K. A

In just a few weeks of working with CYC and using my new resume to apply for jobs, I have been noticed by companies and recruiters more often. I got the confidence to put myself in the market and show my skills. I feel like now I am closer to my goal to get a new job where I will add value to society. I am so excited about painting this new picture of my life, working in my inner self, and becoming the best version of me.

- C. E

I am usually very suspicious of most organizations. But, when the need to change overwhelms the need to stay the same, I decided to move forward. My coach said we would work this together step by step. She has since provided me and continues to provide me with tools to help me communicate in the workplace. My coach has a real challenge with me because I can be stubborn and opinionated , but she has guided me with grace and love.

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